Monday, July 28, 2008

Kalpvriksh - Manika Sharma

Kalpvriksh - The Wishing Tree - Manika Sharma - Raajaysh Chetwal - Rhombus Films

Saturday, July 26, 2008

" the transmutation of faith"

Kalpvriksh - The Wish tree is awaiting life.
Ironical that a tree that can make dreams real is awaiting a miracle. It too, needs faith to resurrect it.
I, Manika Sharma, mother, conceiver of my Kalpvriksh await sunshine that will break through the silver lining.
One fine summer day in August as I walked with my family through "Cathedral Grove", British Columbia, Canada, I had witnessed a 5000 year old living giant. It enthralled and cojoled me into deep the time Buddha and Jesus had lived and died, it had grown just a few feet!
It had seen the centuries of bloody wars and personal enlightenment of mankind..I had to write something larger than life or something nesting at the very heart of life itself. I had to make a film about one such giant that's breath going faint with every season.....awaiting the wish of a child to resurrect it, bring it back to life.. "Kalpvriksh" is my first feature film, my child, my lifeline.